Photo Contest Oxelösund 2017

During the GM you can win a prize with a photo. Read the rules of teh contest hereunder or download the rules by clicking on the image below.

Douzelage Photo Contest: Bring your camera to Oxelösund!

We are introducing a new fun contest. No matter whether you take pictures with an iPhone or a professional SLR camera, you can participate in our new “mainly for fun” contest.

This very first edition of the Douzelage Photo Contest will have the theme “friendship”. A group of competition judges (including the President and a real-life press photographer) will decide who will win the big prize.

Because, yes, there is a prize and, in addition to having the honour of becoming the 2018 champion and forever having your name and photo on the Douzelage website, you also win €150. There is no prize for the runner up. Sorry. Only the pleasure of knowing that you were one of the best!

The rules are:

1. The theme is “Oxelösund 2018/friendship”. So even if you take the greatest shot ever of a live moose, it cannot win the contest – unless of course somebody has made friends with the moose and is in the photo too – that would be “friendship”!😊

2. Each participant can only enter one (1) photo, so that the judges don’t have to look at 155 X 10 photos.

3. You must send your entry before 1 June 2018 to: The winner will be announced on 15 June.

4. By entering, you agree to having your photo and name published on the Douzelage website. All photo entries will be shown on the

5. Please note that, this time, there are no restrictions as to what you can do to the photo. You can send us a “clean” photo, or you can use photoshop or some other enhancement program to manipulate the photo, as you wish. Having first seen how many enter the competition, in the future we might decide to make this a two photo contest – one for enhanced photos and one for the clean shot.

Let’s make this a fun success! Remember to pack that camera!