Bad Kötzting

The town of Bad Kötzting (Bad Koetzting) is located in the Upper Bavarian Forest National Park close to the border of the Czech Republic. Tourism was initiated in the town in the years following regional reorganisation with a special emphasis being placed on health, relaxation and recuperation. Thus the very first German Clinic for Traditional Chinese Medicine, “Kneipp” hydropathic treatment facilities, the Central Bavarian Rehabilitation Centre for Orthopaedics and Rheumatology, a Rehabilitation Centre for Neurology, and health care centres in different hotels were opened in the past years. The Adult Education Centre in the Cham Administrative District successfully runs an institution with a college for gerontology nursing and a second one for physiotherapy. The title “Kneipp Health Resort” was given to the town in 1995. Since spring 2000 a casino under the authority of the State of Bavaria attracts more and more visitors.

Present-day Bad Kötzting is the result of a remarkable, future-oriented sense of citizenship expressed in the vigour and courage of its domestic industry. More and more it has also developed into a centre for shopping for tourists and domestic people.

Over and above this, the town is well known for its cultural life and festivals, particularly ho these festivals are celebrated. Apart from the annual Whit Ride (a procession of more than 1,000 riders on horseback in traditional costumes, every year on Whit Monday – see picture), dating back to the year 1412, and the Whitsun Festival Week, the Forest Festival Productions on the Ludwigsberg (open air theatre on a stage in the forest near he town), taking place every year in July/August and performing classical dramas in Bavarian dialect, have become fully established in the regional festival calendar. The unprepossessing small provincial town has turned into a modern trading and service centre today.

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