The Douzelage Constitution

The Douzelage Constitution, drawn up in Kötzting in 1993 (last amendment in 2023):


The name of the organisation shall be The Douzelage


(a) to promote and foster the spirit of Europe and to establish among others educational, economic, tourist, sporting and cultural links between the towns for the mutual benefit of the inhabitants thereof.

(b) to organise fund-raising activities in support of the aims of The Douzelage.

(c) to promote or support such other activities as may further the aims of The Douzelage.


(a) Membership of the organization is restricted to one town from each of the member states of the European Union.
(b) Towns of former European Union member states or committees of these towns can be members of the Douzelage if the other members agree by a formal majority.


(a) the Representatives of the member towns shall meet once a year, and at such other times as may be deemed necessary.

(b) The General Meeting will be chaired by the President. Whenever the president is not able to attend the GM, he/she will appoint one of the Vice-presidents to chair the GM. The Education Meeting will be chaired by the President of Education. The Youth Meeting will be chaired by the President of the Youth.

(c) All Presidents and Vice-Presidents shall be elected for a term of three years. They are eligible for re-election. Each must be a citizen of a different town. All positions have a maximum term of six years (twice three years) with the exception of the Youth President. He/she will be elected for one term (three years). The President and Vice-Presidents will be elected by an absolute majority at a general meeting of The Douzelage, nominations having been received by the Returning Officer and circulated by him/her at least four weeks before the meeting at which the elections are to be held. The Returning Officer will be appointed at the previous meeting of The Douzelage. The President of Education will be elected within the Education Meeting. The Youth President will be elected within the Youth Meeting. Procedure as mentioned before.
Voting procedure: each delegation may cast one vote in the GM, one vote in the EM and one vote in the YM.

(d) matters of general policy are to be decided at general meetings and by simple majority. If in any vote there is a tie, then the President, or whosoever may be in the Chair for the time being, shall have a casting vote

(e) an annual subscription shall be paid to the Presidency at a level to be agreed at the general meeting of The Douzelage. The financial year shall run according to the rules in the town which holds the Presidency and Annual Accounts will be submitted at the general meeting for approval. The money thus subscribed is to be used for the expenses incurred by the Presidency

(f) an Honorary Treasurer shall be appointed by the town holding the Presidency

(g) the official written language of The Douzelage shall be English, and at Conferences French and English.


Amendments to the Constitution shall only be made at the annual general meeting. Notice of proposed Amendments shall be given in writing to all towns two months before the date of the meeting. No Amendment shall be carried unless at least two thirds of the towns assent.


In the event of The Douzelage being dissolved, any property or monies remaining after any debts and liabilities have been settled shall be distributed equally between the member towns.