Douzelage has performed many projects over the last two years, and plans more projects in the near future. Hereunder you will find an overview of recent projects and future projects.


Project Title Description Organising town Participating towns
Metaphora Word Game A word game for primary schools teaching twelve European languages Meerssen Douzelage towns
Historical Highlights Book with stories about the history of Douzelage towns Meerssen Douzelage towns
Music school pupil exchange Exchange of pupils of the music school Oxelösund Asikkala
Rose Festival Agros
Green Volunteering Youth Exchange Agros
Sustainale Develpment Exchange of ideas and projects on Sustainability of Douzelage towns Siret Douzelage towns
Youngsters on social media 25 youngsters from discuss the effects of social media. Sušice Bad Kötzting, Sigulda, Chojna, Köszeg
Meeting of citizens 250 citizens of Bad Kötzting and Sušice celebrate their partnership Bad Kötzting Sušice
Cultural visits Representatives of different Douzelage-towns visit Bundoran on cultural subjects Bundoran Meerssen, Škofja Loka
St. Patricks Weekend Representatives of different Douzelage-towns visit Bundoran to celebrate St. Patricks Day Bundoran Meerssen, Sherborne, Houffalize
Walking event Walking Groups from different town visit Sherborne Sherborne Bundoran
Music and Dance Festival in Sherborne Music and Dance Festival in Sherborne to participate in a festival to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Douzelage Sherborne Sigulda, Sušice, Bundoran, Meerssen
More active, more healthy Erasmus+ project Chojna Siret, Sušice
Focus on youth Erasmus+ project Chojna Köszeg, Marsaskala, Siret, Sušice
Health education for life Erasmus+ project Chojna Köszeg
Be different, be tolerant Erasmus+ project Chojna Köszeg
From experience to work 2 Erasmus+ project Chojna Marsaskala, Sherborne
European work experience Erasmus+ project Chojna Marsaskala, Köszeg
Exchange of students Students from 6th grade of College Malraux visit Houffalize Houffalize Granville
Nature is our strength Erasmus+ project Granville Chojna
Meerssen Marathon Participation of running groups in the Meerssen Marathon Meerssen Granville, Sherborne
Carnival Granville Participation of students of Sherborne in the carnival of Granville Granville Sherborne
Douzelage Young Musician of the Year 2016 Contest of young musicians of different Douzelage Towns Zvolen Granville, Köszeg, Sigulda
For a better Democracy For a Better Democracy – Youth’s Role in Politics. Student exchange Marsaskala Köszeg, Sigulda
Jum Marsaskala Participation of dance group Siguldietis in a festivity of the city of Marsaskala Marsaskala Sigulda
Exchange of students Students from Judenburg visit Škofja Loka Škofja Loka Judenburg
Exchange of students Students from Zvolen visit the Neue Mittelschule in Judenburg Judenburg Zvolen
Exchange of choirs Choirs from Škofja Loka and Judenburg visit each other Škofja Loka, Judenburg Škofja Loka, Judenburg


Project Title Description Organising town Participating towns
Hobby Education Youth exchange on education and hobbies Agros
ECO Participation Youth exchange Agros
St Patricks Weekend Sherborne walking group visits Bundoran for a walk Bundoran Sherborne
European Dream Europe for citizens project, a debate on the future of Europe Chojna, Marsaskala, Zvolen, Siret, Köszeg
Women in Society 2016 – 2017 Erasmus+ Chojna, Köszeg
Granville Carnival Welcoming of Students from Sherborne to participate in the carnival of Granville Granville Sherborne
Nature is our strength Erasmus+ Chojna, Granville
Bellagio trail running challenge Bellagio welcomes a running group from Granville to participate in the trail running challenge. Bellagio Granville
Language and literary exchange A language and literature exchange project that combines learning Finnish, Swedish, English and history Oxelösund Asikkala, Sherborne
EULOCAL Project to explore the importance of the European Union for smaller member states Köszeg Bad Kötzting, Marsaskala, Chojna, Velletri (IT)
Young Musicians “Sigulda 2017” International competition for young musicians for pupils in age of 10-12 Sigulda
Four Bridges Night Run Running event Škofja Loka
Historical Škofja Loka Medieval festival Škofja Loka
Loka jo piha International Brassband Festival Škofja Loka
Understanding culture through the musical sector Youth Exchange project Marsaskala