Member towns

Agros, Cyprus
Agros (Greek: Αγρός) is a village built on the Troödos Mountains, in the region of Pitsilia, in southwest Cyprus, which has built amphitheatrically among high mountains at an altitude of 1100 metres with a population of approximately 1,000. Agros is one of the most interesting villages of Cyprus and the Pitsilia area. More information about Agros? Click here.

Altea, Spain
A Costa Blanca resort with 300 days sunshine a year, offering the visitor the old village conservation area, art galleries, craft fairs, sailing school and golf course. More information about Altea? Click here.

Asikkala, Finland
Asikkala is located in Southern Finland and is a part of the Päijänne Tavastia region. Vääksy is the vivid center of Asikkala. Vääksy is between two lakes: Vesijärvi and Päijänne. Asikkala municipality was established in 1848. The population is approximately 8500.  The area of Asikkala is 756 km2 of which the water surface is 192 km2. The shore-line is 581 km. The nature is beautiful in Asikkala. The charming population center, enchanting small villages and diverse services make Asikkala a unique place to live. Here both regular inhabitants and thousands of summer residents enjoy life side by side and visitors are welcomed with open arms. Enjoy a nice walk in the unique scenery of Vääksy Canal area. You can stop by in the Water Mill Museum, the art exhibitions and step in tiny boutiques. More information about Asikkala? Click here.

bad-kotztingBad Kötzting, Germany
A delightful town near the Bavarian National Park close to the Czech border, offering hill walking in the summer and skiing in the winter and locally-brewed beer all year round. Bad Kötzting is also a Kneipp-Spa with all the necessary facilities for health and prevention. More information about Bad Kötzting? Click here.

bellagioBellagio, Italy
The most beautiful town on Lake Como, with breathtaking views, elegant hotels, villas and gardens, open-air concerts, walking and rock-climbing. More information about Bellagio? Click here.

Bundoran, Ireland
A family holiday resort on Donegal Bay, with clean sandy beaches, good surfing, fishing, horse riding, championship golf and Waterworld, the heated indoor water adventure centre nearby. More information about Bundoran? Click here.

chojnaChojna, Poland
Chojna is situated in the province of West Pomerania and was founded in the 12th century. Most of the old town is encircled by the 13th century defensive walls with two gates preserved since 15th c. In the historical centre you can visit the church of the Virgin Mary designed by H. Brunsberg in 1389 and the Gothic brick-built town hall built between the 13th and 15th century. More information about Chojna? Click here.

granvilleGranville, France
On the Bay of Mont St. Michel, an historic town built on a high rock jutting into the sea, with long, sandy beaches, a modern marina, a links golf course and boat trips to Chausey and Jersey. More information on Granville? Click here.

holstebroHolstebro, Denmark
The cultural and business centre of west and central Jutland, with its famous high-tech laser sculpture, music, theatre, fishing and golf. More information about Holstebro? Click here.

houffaliizeHouffalize, Belgium
In a wild and picturesque part of the Ardennes, with fishing, canoeing, walking, climbing, camping and beer from the local Chouffe brewery. More information about Houffalize? Click here.

judenburgJudenburg, Austria
Judenburg’s landmark, the 75 m high city tower, together with its old buildings and walls are reminiscent of the town’s glorious days as trading centre between the Alps and the Mediterranean. Today the tower houses Europe’s highest planetarium and offers an astounding view of Judenburg and its beautiful Alpine surroundings. Judenburg offers diverse cultural possibilities and is starting point to nearby attractions like the Red Bull Ring at Spielberg. More information about Judenburg? Click here.

koszegKöszeg, Hungary
Kőszeg is a “treasure box” as its centre displays a wealth of monuments and historical buildings hardly matched by any other Hungarian town. The town is famous for its wine culture and festivals such as the “Siege Days” in August or the Harvest Festival in September. It also offers a lot of excellent facilities for hiking and biking in the surrounding mountains. More information about Köszeg? Click here.

marsaskalaMarsaskala, Malta
Marsaskala or Wied il-Ghajn as known in Maltese, is a small and picturesque fishing village in the south-eastern region of Malta, situated within a deep inlet. The sea front is a lovely place for a stroll, to gaze at the fishing boats which crowd the bay. More information about Marsaskala? Click here.

meerssenMeerssen, Netherlands
Meerssen, close to the Belgian and German border, near Maastricht, Liège and Aachen, set in an attractive part of the Netherlands with historic buildings, green valleys and ondulating hills, formed by rivers Maas and Geul, is hometown for about 19.000 inhabitants. More information about Meerssen? Click here.

niederanvenNiederanven, Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg
Niederanven is a municipality with around 5.600 citizens (of which about 45 % foreigners from more than 40 different countries) situated 10 km east of Luxembourg-City. Visitors can enjoy a beautiful landscape and a marvellous natural environment as the municipality includes a natural reserve called “Aarnescht” and a large part of the largest continuous wooden area of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg called “Gréngewald”. More information about Niederanven? Click here.

oxeloesundOxelösund, Sweden
Oxelosund is located on the Baltic coast, one hour south of Stockholm. Located by the sea Oxelosund provides wonderful opportunities for bathing, fishing, sailing and kayaking in the archipelago. Oxelösund is also a city of contrasts, where the small-scale meets the large scale. Industry meets nature. Highway meets the sea. Welcome to Oxelösund! More information about Oxelösund?
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prevezaPreveza, Greece
Preveza is located on the western coast of mainland Greece at the mouth of the Amvrakikos Gulf, opposite Actio. You can enjoy the ecological paradise of the Amvrakikos with plenty of dolphins, pelicans and turtles, sailing from the marina of the town. A visit to the ancient Nikopolis is definitely a must. More information about Preveza? Click here.

Rokiškis, Lithuania
Rokiškis is a city in north-eastern Lithuania with population of about 16,000. Rokiskis town was first mentioned in 1499. At first it was nobleman Kroszinski’s residence, later counts Tyzenhaus build a beautiful neo-gothic church of St. Matthew and a manor estate which is well preserved today and Rokiškis Regional Museum is settled there. The town was planned in a classicism manner. Rokiskis region is adorned with small hills and lakes.
There are 99 lakes, 62 ponds, 42 rivers flow through the region.
The rich cultural heritage involves the cultural workers of the region to carry out active work. Quite many regional, republican and international festivals, plain-airs, exhibitions-competitions, take place in Rokiskis. The festival of professional Lithuanian theatres continues for the third decade, and there are no analogous events in Lithuania. More information about Rokiškis? Click here.

Rovinj/Rovigno, Croatiarovinj
Rovinj/Rovigno is a charmingly picturesque town with narrow, cobbled streets, striking many visitors as being very Italianate in nature. It is famous for the St Euphemia Cathedral, the highest church tower in Istria at 61 metres high. It is one of our favourite destinations on the Croatian Adriatic, as it’s so delightfully pretty, and also lively with its numerous cafes and restaurants, galleries and an active fishing port. More information about Rovinj/Rovigno? Click here.

sesimbraSesimbra, Portugal
Situated 30 miles south of Lisbon, Sesimbra is a charming, colourful and lovely region with a traditional fishing port. Its beautiful natural resources draw the visitor’s attention; its exquisite cuisine will invite you to a brief return; and our magnificent heritage will make you wander through the memories, history and traditions of our community. So what are you waiting for?. More information about Sesimbra? Click here.

Sherborne, United Kingdom
A beautiful, small English town with a tradition of education, a Benedictine abbey, two castles and mediaeval architecture. More information about Sherborne? Click here.

Sigulda, Latvia
Sigulda  is a town in the Vidzeme Region of Latvia, 53 kilometres from the capital city Riga. Sigulda is on a picturesque stretch of the primeval Gauja river valley. Supported by the town council, a traditional Opera Festival takes place in an open-air music hall in the castle ruins each summer. A Town Festival is celebrated in May when cherry trees blossom, while Sigulda is known for the colors of its trees in autumn. Sports such as skiing, bobsledding, and the luge are popular in wintertime and bungee jumping is practiced during the rest of the year. More information about Sigulda? Click here.

siretSiret, Romania
Siret is a town in Sceava County, north-eastern Romania. It is situated in the historical region of Bukovina. It is one of the oldest towns in Romania and it was the capital of the former principality of Moldavia, in the late 14th century. More information about Siret? Click here.

Škofja Loka, Slovenia
Škofja Loka, a thousand-year-old city at the confluence of the Poljanska Sora and Selška Sora rivers, was the center of the Loka dominion owned for 830 years by the Bishops of Freising, who placed an indelible stamp on the city.
The old city core boasts numerous points of interest from the past, and the Loka Castle, built before 1202, reigns above the city. Škofja Loka is considered the most beautifully preserved medieval city in Slovenia. More information about Skofja Loka? Click here.

Sušice, Czech Republic
Sušice, a picturesque town of 11,500 inhabitants, spreading along the banks of the River Otava in the foothills of the Svatobor peak. Sušice is often called “the Gateway to the Šumava Mountains”. There is plenty to engage both sports enthusiasts and lovers of culture and history. Sušice is an attractive holiday destination at any time of the year. More information about Sušice? Click here.

Tryavna, Bulgaria
Tryavna is situated in the north slopes of the Balkan range in the Tryavna river valley. It is famous for its textile and crafts industry and typical National Revival architecture, featuring 140 cultural monuments, museums and expositions. Tryavna is the birthplace of Bulgarian writer Pencho Slaveykov and revolutionary Angel Kanchev. More information about Tryavna? Click here.

Türi, Estonia
Türi, a peaceful and hospitable town located in the heart of Estonia on the Pärnu River has been declared “the spring capital of Estonia” in 2000. With its many parks protected by nature conservation laws Türi is becoming an attraction centre for the southern part of Järva County. More information about Türi? Click here.

zvolenZvolen, Slovakia
Zvolen is an important railway junction and crossroads of the road transport. The town with its historical center and ancient castle is an administration, transportation, business and cultural center of Central Slovakia. The nearby airport of Sliač and its daily service between Prague and Sliač opens even more its way into the world. With its two universities, five secondary schools and nine primary school is an important youth town giving young people lot of opportunities for their future. Zvolen is also wood industrial and wood processing town, as well as known for its sportsmen in ice-hockey, volleyball or tennis players. More information about Zvolen? Click here.