Welcome to Sušice!
Sušice is a picturesque town of 11,500 inhabitants, spreading along the banks of the River Otava and often called “the Gateway to the Šumava Mountains”. There are plenty of opportunities to engage both sports enthusiasts and lovers of culture and history. Sušice is an attractive holiday destination at any time of the year.

The town of Sušice was originally a prehistoric settlement of gold washers which came into existence at the trade path to Bavaria on the junction of the Otava and Roušarka Rivers. The settlement is said to have been founded in 790 AD, but the first written references only date back to 1233. In 1322 King John of Luxemburg had the town provided with walls and in 1324 he confirmed the royal town the right to gold washing sites.
The best way to learn about the rich history of this former royal town is to visit the Šumava Museum. Don´t forget to see the Sušice mechanical crib showing models of important buildings in the town and other Šumava buildings and showcasing traditional crafts.

Historical Sights
There are many historical sights to be visited in the ancient town of Sušice. The Chapel of the Guardian Angel on top of the Stráž Peak overlooks the town and should not be missed. The town square boasts many precious, historical houses, including the oldest landmark in the town, a stone plaque commemorating the construction of the town walls in 1322. The plaque is located in the Town Hall situated right in the middle of the square. There is a 30.5 m high observation tower in the Town Hall, offering a bird´s eye view over the town.

Active Town
The Sušice Cobweb project with eight educational trails will guide you through the town and its surroundings. Tourism, cycling, swimming, both in summer and winter, adrenalin sports, you will not be bored here, we promise. Children’s playgrounds are awaiting the youngest visitors together with the natural path along the River Otava.
Svatobor Observation Tower
A 31.6 m high stone observation tower with 182 steps perks over the town on a wooded peak of Svatobor Hill at 854 m above sea level. The observation tower offers wonderful circular views over the Šumava Mountains and inland.

Town on the river Otava
The River Otava used to be a gold-bearing river, rich in freshwater pearls, salmon and trout. Today, it is a haven for fishermen and canoeists, a lovely place to relax and rest.

Town of culture and entertainment
There are many cultural and social events taking place in the local cinema, library, gallery, community centre, music clubs, the square and the Santos river island. Every year in May is held a festival called “Sušické slavnosti”, which opens a tourist season. The next one will be held on 19th – 21st May 2017.
The culture life in Sušice is also very rich thanks to activities of children and adult singing choirs and several amateur theatre groups.

Santos River Island
The island of Santos is located in the “Luh Woodland Park”, between the arms of the River Otava. The municipal woodland park was renovated in 2012-2013. A large modern playground and a skittle alley are situated there. You will find an outdoor swimming area at one end of the island.

A wonderful sports complex has been built close to the town centre, featuring a modern indoor swimming pool, a winter stadium, a climbing wall, a modern athletic stadium with a tartan track, a football pitch with an artificial grass surface and modern lighting, volleyball and tennis courts, in-line and cycling track, Offpark – a high rope course and adrenalin park, a network of routes for walkers, runners and cyclists, a playground for children, a modern concrete skate park and the last but not the least, the Otava Recreation Park – an outdoor swimming pool.

Sušice Town Information Centre
Nám. Svobody (Square) 138, 342 01 Sušice
Tel.: +420 376 540 214; Fax: 376 540 215


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