From training to Work

Erasmus+ project ‘From training to work’ is vocational mobility of students from technical and vocational school in Chojna. Students of catering, hotel management, construction and IT from technical secondary school as well as car mechanics from vocational school will have a four – week apprenticeships in companies in Koszeg, Marsaskala and Siret. Complex of Secondary Schools in Chojna (ZSP in Chojna) organizes its vocational mobilities in direct cooperation with hotels, restaurants, IT enterprises, construction companies and car repairs. It enables them to have the best possible training with foreign managers and opportunity to be in real working environment. ZSP in Chojna uses ECVET system which prevents school from teaching the same skills and abilities twice: the knowledge gathered during apprenticeships is evaluated by managers and then validated by teachers and instructors at school. Each student receives Europass Mobility certificate.

Apart from work (5 days a week, 40 hours) students have a good time: there are study visits in places of interest, excursions and a cultural programme. It is all possible to organize because there are Douzelage friends in Marsaskala, Koszeg and Siret who help with all difficult task: contact school representatives with companies, arrange accomodation, prepare cultural programme.

Financial support from European Commission for Erasmus+ project ‘From training to work’ is 72000 Euros.

J. Cezary Salamończyk