The theme of Education in the Douzelage.

As one of the main pillars of our modern society, the theme of education has to be a part of the themes and interests to be developed throughout the Douzelage assemblies. The ways of transmitting and constructing knowledge differ not only from country to country. What are the reasons for these discrepancies and do we nevertheless have common factors which prove to us, that we’re on the right road?

In order to answer these questions, but not only these, an education meeting is held along side with the general meeting each spring. Many evocative subjects have been discussed during the past years and many insights have resulted there from. It might be our aim to regroup these conclusions in a kind of “Education Charta” of the Douzelage, which could in future be posted on our website.

It most certainly is of a great advantage to be able to host an assembly of teachers, educators and other education personnel in provenance of up to 28 different countries! One can easily imagine the input which can be discussed during the 3 days the meetings last. Diversity, comparisons, contacts, new ideas, insights and interests are just a few key words one could suggest to best describe the outcome and conclusions of these constructive meetings.

As teachers, the members of the Education meeting are well aware, that the main aim of these exchanges can finally only be of a great benefit to the pupils they aspire to teach every day.