Quality in vocational training through Euroapprenticeships

Project “Quality in vocational training through Euroapprenticeships” aims at organizing a 4-week work experience for 27 students of Technical College with a specialist units of IT, construction, catering and hotel management and Vocational school – construction fitter which are part of Complex of Secondary Schools in Chojna (Poland), 5-day professional training for 3 teachers of vocational subjects in the area of hotel management and catering and three 3-day trainings led by foreign hospitality industry managers from Malta and England. The apprenticeships will take place in companies in the UK, Hungary, Malta and Luxembourg, the teachers’ training will be organized in Malta, the specialists from Malta and the UK will have workshops and lectures in the sending institution. In the project apart from the sending institution the following host institutions will take part: England: – Malcolm Heygate Browne – The Eastbury (Sherborne) Ltd, – The Grange at Oborne. Hungary: -Remicro Kft, – Szarnyas Kft. Malta: – Bilom Construction Ltd., – Driegh Ltd, – Uncle Matt’s Ltd. – Ruth Sarah Farrell. Luxembourg: – Cloud Managed Data S.A.

The project is consistent with the strategy of internationalisation of ZSP (Complex of Secondary Schools) in Chojna which aimed at including IT and construction students into foreign apprenticeships, increasing the number of involved students, involving vocational subjects teachers into training abroad and finding new partners. “Quality in vocational training through Euroapprenticeships” project will help in creating the image of ZSP in Chojna as an institution which is able to cooperate effectively on the European level. A group of students and teachers will be encouraged to educational and professional mobility. It may help them organize their career and life.

Participants of the project will be introduced to the advantages of educational mobilities, the European identity of the students and teachers will be strenghtened. The participants will improve their ability of using English for vocational purposes and professional skills. They will become more self-confident and independent. The sending institution will be able to verify its professional training programme and compare it with the expectations of the companies active on the European market. Employed in hospitality industry managers from Malta and England will have workshops and lectures in sending institution which enable students and teachers not involved in vocational mobilities to experience requirements of the European labour market. System ECVET will be used for the mobility of students in “Quality in vocational training through Euroapprenticeships” project.

Participants of the project will be chosen among students of the second and third year of Technical College and third year of Vocational school. Vocational school students will participate in foreign vocational mobilities project for the first time. The group in which the recruitment process will take place consists of students who live in villages and small towns. The apprenticeships in foreign companies will be treated as work experience which is compulsory for technical school students. For the teachers of hotel management and catering vocational subjects, who will take part in a professional training in the form of job shadowing, it will be the first such practise in a hotel abroad. It will improve their professional skills. According to rules in ZSP in Chojna, each group of students will be accompanied by a teacher.

J. Cezary Salamończyk