Zvolen is an important railway junction and crossroads of the road transport. The nearby airport of Sliač and its daily service between Prague and Sliač opens even more its way into the world. Zvolen is an administrative, economic and cultural centre of Pohronie (the Hron River Valley). It is a district seat with an area of 759 square kilometres, with almost 68 thousand inhabitants, and it borders on seven other districts of the Banská Bystrica region. It lies at 48º 35΄ of northern latitude and 19º 9΄ of eastern longitude of Greenwich, in the southwestern part of the Zvolen basin. It is the twelfth most populous town of Slovakia that in 1923 became for five years the seat of Zvolen County and has been continuously the district seat since then.

The most highly located part of the intravilan, i.e. the built-up area of the town is Baková jama (421 metres above sea level), the lowest place is found near the confluence of the Hron and Slatina Rivers below the Deserted Castle (278 metres above sea level). The oldest part of the town is the present Námestie SNP (SNP Square) at an altitude of approximately 295 metres above sea level. In 2001 its reconstruction started. Nowadays it is a modern pedestrian zone and the centre of social life.