Siret city is located in North East of Romania, in Suceava district, on the right bank of the Siret River. Siret City borders to Ukraine. The city numbers 9.400 inhabitants, having different ethnic structures as Romanian, Ukrainian, Polish and German.
47 km from Suceava International Airport
3 km from Ukrainian Border
7 Unique UNESCO heritage monasteries in an area of 100 km

Siret is one of the oldest cities in Romania and has a history of over 6 centuries. It was the 1st capital city of Moldavia in the 14th century and an important crafts and commercial hub. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Moldova was established here as well as the 1st school of the Principality, with teaching in Latin. Therefore, the city became an important religious and cultural center. A resting place along the Via Walachensis, Siret developed continuously and attracted people on a 60 km radius.

People from all over Bukovina came to Siret to work in oil refining, woodworking, glassware, soft goods and food goods. Siret City is located in the border area that separates Southern Bukovina (Romanian territory) from Northern Bukovina (Ukrainian territory). Both are known as top tourist destinations, where one can find
UNESCO monuments, castles, museums, artisans and craftsmen, authentic folklore and very hospitable hosts – quality hotels and pensions. As an important
customs point of the European Union, Siret is nowadays a city open to investors, in an excellent position to facilitate commercial exchange inside and outside the EU territory

Bukovina – called Buchenland in German – is a region that will make you miss it the moment you need to say goodbye. Here, each season is a story sprinkled with picturesque landscapes and experiences that stir your appetite for life. Bukovina has lots of opportunities for relaxation and quality time: unique tourist spots, part of
UNESCO heritage, great resorts for winter sports and stunning mountains, perfect for outdoor activities and leisure. The most popular tourist destinations in Bukovina are Sucevița, Gura Humorului, Câmpulung Moldovenesc and Vatra Dornei mountain resorts. All have a large number of hotels and guesthouses that provide very good accommodation. Suceviţa is just a 35 km drive away from Siret and Gura Humor is reachable within one hour by car.

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