Judenburg is a historic town in Styria, Austria. It is the administrative centre of the Murtal district, which was created on 1 January 2012 from the former Judenburg District and former Knittelfeld District. Until 31 December 2011, it was the capital of the Judenburg District.

It is located in the Upper Styrian region, on the western end of the Aichfeld basin, stretching along the Mur River from Judenburg down to Knittelfeld in the east. The broad valley is bound by the Niedere Tauern range in the north and the Noric Alps (Lavanttal Alps) in the south.
The municipal area also comprises the cadastral communities of Tiefenbach and Waltersdorf, a former municipality incorporated in 1963. On 1 January 2015, the adjoining municipalities of Oberweg and Reifling were merged into Judenburg.

Either as a culture lover, or just visiting the “Judenburger Sommer”, or as a holidaymaker, enjoying nature in idyllic surroundings, or in pursuit of history, walking along the tracks previously trodden by Ulrich von Liechtenstein, or just spending a view hours during a business trip: Judenburg, a small town set in the countryside, has a lot more to offer than you might expect.

Let yourself be enchanted by the charm of the town, the Mediterranean atmosphere, the old walls dating from the days of the Venetian traders and the zest for life of both Judenburg and its citizens. Take time out for yourself and discover “your own” Judenburg!


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