The council district of Sesimbra is situated in the extreme west of the Iberian Peninsula, about 40 kilometres from Lisbon. The district of Sesimbra is made of the parishes of Castelo, Santiago and Quinta do Conde, covering a total area of 206 square kilometres inhabited by 36 839 (preliminary data of the 2001 census).

The summers in Sesimbra are hot and dry whilst the winters are mild and rainy, especially in December. Temperatures between October and March are usually around 17ºC, rising to 22ºC from April to June and reach their highest between July and September when the thermometer usually reads 26ºC.

As a fishing town where fish and shellfish abound, Sesimbra possesses a great tradition in terms of recipes, with special mention for the fisherman’s stew, açorda (dish made with bread, eggs, olive oil, garlic and shellfish), small cuttlefish, squid stew, grilled sardines and the countless number of dishes based on swordfish and tambour, with special mention for two internationally known dishes: swordfish in fried onion sauce and tambour with rice.

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