Welcome to Holstebro Municipality.
Holstebro is situated in one of the most beautiful regions in Denmark, i.e. the continental part of the country covered by cultivated fields from south to east and covers moor and forests in the north and the east. Holstebro is situated 250 km from Copenhagen, the capital.

Yesterday’s Holstebro…
Holstebro’s existence you can study way back to antiquity. The town was founded around a castle. The first written documents related to town date back to year 1274.
In the 17th and 18th centuries, Holstebro burnt down several times. This is why you do not see any traces of the old town.

…And today’s
Holstebro is a trade town with 41,000 inhabitants. A typical Danish town with the characters of an international town. At the centre of Holstebro you find the pedestrian area. This is full of life and atmosphere. Here you find nice shops and boutiques. On every corner, pedestrians can admire sculptures and pieces of art. Holstebro is known as a town where art and culture are important parts of every day life.

This town is also an important centre for the region inhabited by approx. 150,000 people. Main employment is commerce and small and middle sized companies. Holstebro is situated in a region that offers a wide range of tourist sights. The region is considered as a place of your dreams when it comes to fishing, outings on bicycles, hiking or horse back riding.

What more can we say?
What to see in Holstebro: The Museum of Miniature Art (400 objects from 4 to 15 cm), the local archive, the church and its chimes dated the 16th century, a modern church, sculptures, reconstruction of an ancient village. Holstebro is also: musical theatre, the Nordic theatre with plays of different genres, the sport centre, and a great number of restaurants and hotels.


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