COVID-19: Bundoran

There are three main things Bundoran is doing to help the community through Coronavirus.

1 – ChefAid – this is an initiative set up to provide hot meals daily (at lunch time) to vulnerable people who maybe cannot cook for themselves or cannot get to the shops to purchase materials for making dinner etc. 5 chefs from the town (unemployed due to the pandemic) are volunteering their time each day (7 days a week) to prepare up to 50 meals per day in a local restaurant that has donated its facilities to enable the chefs to cook. More information here –

2 – Covid-19 Community Response Forum – this is an initiative set up through our national government and coordinated by the local authority (in our case, Donegal County Council). A number of groups from Bundoran are part of this forum and helping to do grocery shopping, deliveries, medication pick ups for the more vulnerable members of the community – more here

3 – Live broadcast of daily mass from the local Catholic Church – a hugely important part of Irish life particularly for older members of the community so they can keep their faith alive. Another aspect of this is the broadcasting of funerals. Due to the restrictions the traditional methods of attending funerals and wakes has been completely curtailed. However for funerals now (and there have been a number of them since this started), many of the towns people will stand on the street as a cortege passes to offer their sympathy. This is pretty much replicated across the country. The live stream of the mass is viewable here –