COVID-19: Chojna

Social initiatives in my town during quarantine (10 Essays by students of Cezary Salamonszyk from Chojna)

It may seems that there is nothing to do during the corona lockdown. But there is a lot of little things that you can do to help other people. And here is some social initiatives in my town that I would like to share with you.
As we all know the older people are in the most group of danger to die by covid-19. To help them we have to decrease their need for going outside. So if you have some older people in your neighborhood ask them if they don’t need to have their shopping or anything else. This is a great way to spend your time and also can make you feel better. Another social initiative in my town is sewing masks. People who can do it are giving this masks for free to the hospitals and others who are in need. It’s great that there are people who want to help disinterestedly. Other thing that everyone can do is donation to fight against coronavirus for your local hospital or worldwide fundraising. Even the smallest donation can make an effort and save lives.
There are a lot more of initiatives in my town that is done. We should be helping other people every time but in times like that we have to it as much as possible. And I think if we stay together and help each other we can get through everything.


Everyone feels this difficult period on an individual basis, but it is that friendly interactions between the inhabitants of my city that help to survive. It is thanks to the ingenuity of kind people that the action “CHOJNA NEED” was introduced and anyone willing to help can make and sew masks which compulsory possession has increased dramatically. I really like the fact that these masks despite the work put into them are given away for free and even the poor can get them. I think that people have become more helpful because they realize that not everyone can leave the house and do the shopping themselves, which is why they take a shopping list of their neighbor and fulfill their civic duty with pleasure. A great example of a social initiative are also restaurants in Chojna, where in exchange for hard work and help,they can prepare free delicious meals for medical workers. Another example that makes me smile is situation from the village next to my town, where the mayor bought 200 antibacterial liquids from his salary and distributed them for free to residents.Even the smallest gesture, such as making a drawing supporting medics from our city will be reassuring for them and they will be pleased. I volunteered for shopping for elderly people organized in the supermarket and I hope that others will decide to help too. 227 words.


I’m going to tell you about social initiatives during the Covid-19 quarantine in my town.
I’ve seen 3 social initiatives in my town currently. First of them is charity, focused on making masks for hospitals and people in-need. Of course you can also buy a mask for you from them, but the price there is 2 times bigger than for basic mask, everything cause of that when you buy a mask there, you also donate the charity so they can make more masks. If you are able to, you can donate them with materials or anything that they currently need. The second initiative is normal charity where you donate money to help hospitals, people in-need, charity is sending them things that they need like water, masks, gloves etc. The last initiative that I’ve seen is youngsters initiative aimed at helping old people in shopping. Some of them are shoping alone and deliver that what they bought to old people homes, some of them are doing shopping with old people and just help them to transport that what they bought.
In my opinion, these initiatives are very good and helpful in these hard times for all of us. Hope so there will be more initiatives in my town, I will also try to make some initiatives to help hospitals, cause that is the priority now in my opinion.


It is hard times, let’s not hide it. People were not prepared for the bomb that went off on us, in the form of a virus. This situation does not concern just one country, it concerns the whole world. Now we have to support each other and follow the rules that have fallen on us. A lot of people have already died but many are still sick so we have to follow some rules.
As in many cities and in mine there have been several changes. Shops have introduced hours in which only seniors can shop. The number of people in the shop is also limited for safety reasons. There are designated places in the shop where you should stand, there are glass panes at the checkout which protect the contact between the buyer and the cashier. There are also aids for the elderly in shopping, delivery of goods. People have limited meetings and keep a safe distance. In my neighbourhood, ladies sew masks for people. It is a very cool initiative and a smart idea to help others. New information about the virus, bans and injunctions is regulary posted on my city’s website.
I think my city has taken the matter seriously and they do not underestimate the problem.


The whole world is now in a very difficult time. Nobody expected that our life would change so much in a few weeks. Everyone is trying to help reduce the Coronavirus pandemic. There are also a lot of social initiatives in my town.
A very helpful initiative was that our sewing room „Texim” sewed masks for free and gave them to employees in offices, health clinic and other people in our town. Lately a lot of city residents have sewed masks by themselves at home and have given them to people in need.
Another thing is our city’s Facebook and website. The most important informations about the pandemic are placed there and residents can read everything about the Coronavirus and new law.
People also want to help each other. Younger people are eager to help elder, for example with shopping, so the elders do not have to leave the house and it is good because they are more likely to get sick.
I have seen situations where grandchildren go under the balcony or window to talk with their grandparents. People locked down in a house need this because they miss their family.
Business owners and the city authorities also take care of residents. In shops are gloves, disinfectants and plastic panels, which separate employees and customers. In town are closed objects such as playground.
In my opinion, the community in my town is doing well in this difficult situation. People obey the rules, which is important, but the most important thing is that they try to help as much as they can and they are not indifferent.


In my town people rather be calm about Corona. They follow the rules set by the government which means, that they put the masks on the face and keep a safe space between them. They are carefully and don’t leave the house when there is no need. When somebody want to meet with friends decide on online meetings or when they live close they talk from the balconies. Shops are not crowded because all of the people here buy what they need and they go out from the shop there is no time to browse and think. My friends would like to meet very much but they know that if everyone would do that now then this pandemic would not end so they stay safe at home and call me every day to talk about something. In this town everything is going according to plan and I hope that all this will pass as soon as possible. In my opinion it’s very calm here and nobody panics. I also apply to all rules because I care about my health and I think it is the fastest way to get everything back to normal. So people from other cities should take an example from us of how to deal with such situations.


Coronavirus has changed everyone’s life. In this difficult situation, society should show great solidarity.We try to organize work, study and free time, but the most important thing at this time is to be able to help each other. If we have time and opportunities to do shopping for the elder people or help your child or younger siblings understand the e-lesson, we should not be afraid to help.There are many other ways to help. You can support medical facilities. If you want to help any of these organizations, you can do so by making a donation – financial or in kind. You can organize a charity collections for medical masks and other internet collections that can help during this time. Buy everything you need, but refrain from panic gathering. Others also want to shop, and if we want a better world, we must learn to take into account the needs of our entire communityctions for medical masks and other internet collections that can help during this time. Maybe you know people who, for some reason, can’t even go to the nearest store? Suggest that you do shopping or provide anything else they may need. It is worth remembering that good comes back.


So to begin with, our farmer’s wives’ association made many masks. Most of the masks were given to elders, because they are in biggest danger of dying from Coronavirus. What was left was given to paramedics. It is true that these masks are not as effective as those produced in factories by companies, but there is a deficit of masks produced by factories and it is better to even have a handmade mask than none. Beside all of that, it’s just nice gesture that give hope to
These are masks made by people.Another thing that we do to survive in this difficult time is just helping elders, we more often talk to them. They are not used to internet, so simple talk can make a great difference for them. We also help them with shopping, and some tasks that may be dangerous or hard for them.
Most people also stopped partying and meeting in large numbers. The banquet hall stopped organizing birthdays, weddings and parties. This will prevent coronavirus from spreading.
People also started to walk animals more often. A lot of people also started to ride bikes so they go crazy at home, of course they wear masks. As they say, a healthy mind in a healthy body. We are doing what we can to stay sane in this mad time.


Due to spreading of coronavirus, the world stopped, we our locked up in our homes, not able to see our friends and almost any other people. For majority of us this situation is hard, because it is not what we are used to. We are used to live in the society, go out whenever we want without a mask. Because of that many of us find it hard to be positive and live a happy live at the moment. Despite all of these there are lots of social initiatives that people do to make a day better in those hard times, even in smaller cities.
As we know virus can be particularly dangerous for elderly, even a walk to a shop for necessary products can be risky for their health. Many young people make all the shopping for them and delivers it right in front of the door. All for free just of the kindness of heart. We cannot meet with friends, family etc. Like we used to do. Instead of that loads of computer games tournaments are being organised.In which people all over the world can participate. It will never replace the contact with people in real life, but it is always something. There are also lots of skype meetings and conversations, that are organized on Skype. Since any concerts or shows cannot be organized, lots of artists are singing or performing on their balcony instead of stage. Other than, that there are barely any social initiatives in my hometown. Nonetheless all those kinds of acts keep us motivated and sometimes put smile on our face in these hard times.


Town that i live in is too small for many interesting initiatives but there are some like sewing protective masks that people give to the nearest hospital in Gryfino. Internet was full of videos about people with amazing voice talent are giving concert on their balcony i did not heard about that concert in Chojna but there was one in Dębno. I know plenty of people that are doing shopping for the elderly people because in Poland they have their own hours that only the older people can enter the shop but many of them are not able to go out from the house because their family live to far away and noone form the family can do shopping for them thats why many of younger people living in a block of flats or just have elderly neighbour do shopping for their elderly neighbours. I can mention about what the mayor do for his small town Lisie Pole because he bought from his own money antibacterial gel for the whole town which was great, people dont have to look and spend money for expensive in this times antibacterial gel and get it for free so thats even better. My town is too small for initiatives like in the bigger towns but we can find some great initiatives when we look around.