COVID-19: Köszeg

Kőszeg, Hungary during Corona time.

Kőszeg has been famous for its rich cultural life, touristic attraction, and its century-old traditions. The colorful vivid cultural and social life of the Main Square turned into grey. People were more than happy just for the sight of a person. Our inhabitants – as most Hungarians – respected the suggestions, rules, and tried to stay at home.

As everywhere in Europe, restaurants, hotels, spas, schools have been closed since the middle of March. All initiatives by the national and local Government, by associations, cultural and social centers served the health protection, defense, and the relative wellbeing.
Our life has changed a lot: parents became both students and teachers in the digital education, cooks etc. besides their jobs. Isolation has changed people’s behavior. Everybody wanted to help as much as possible. Our cultural center normally fosters many clubs, activities for elderlies and youngsters like sewing, dancing, theatre, music. During Corona period they decided to continue some of their activities like sewing and distributing masks for those who needed it. They did not stop their cultural activities; however, it was organized online. Both for children and adult there was a competition with questions about built and natural treasures of our town etc.
All important traditional events were organized, but with an extremely limited number of participants. May-tree erected on April 30 was decorated with ribbons by the different associations one by one – without crowd. Our famous tradition, The Book of the Vine Shots normally attracts hundreds of people, this time this 100 was only in binary number base… But we hope, it will be over, and we will see each other soon.