COVID-19: Sigulda

Inspired by the title of the autobiographical trilogy “Dievs, daba, darbs” (God, Nature, Work) by Latvian writer and playwright Anna Brigadere, the cultural centre “Siguldas devons” has created a virtual exhibition for the three applied art studios of Sigulda, for which glorious full-time exhibitions were planned this year. Photos: Ginta Zīverte

The cultural centre “Siguldas devons” visit artists’ workshops and offer everyone the opportunity to enjoy the artist’s feeling of freedom. There have been selected artists who are implementing the projects supported by Sigulda municipality in this year. In the photos – metal artist Dina Dubiņa and painter Jānis Purcens. Photos: Ginta Zīverte

From May 30 in the Livonian Order Sigulda Castle there will be Sigulda open-air restaurant. There gourmets can enjoy the meal they bring with themselves or order from Sigulda Restaurants with delivery. There is possibility to enjoy Gauja Primeval Valley and feel the historical aura in the heart of Sigulda. Photos: Ginta Zīverte

Residents of Sigulda County congratulated Latvia on the 30th anniversary of the Restoration of Independence and made campaign “ie[log]ojies”. During this campaign residents were photographed with a drone near open windows and the yard of the houses. Photos: Alvis Rozenbergs