Douzelage Photo Contest 2022

Winner Douzelage Photo Competition 2022

We are honored to announce the winning photo of the 3rd edition of the Douzelage Photo Competition! The theme was: “Škofja Loka/Finally together again”. There were 11 entries all together. From Altea, Judenburg, Asikkala, Bad Kötzting, Sigulda, Niederanven, Sesimbra, Sherborne, Skofja Loka and two from Susice. Morten Stricker, Press Photographer of Dagbladet Holstebro and Annigje Kruytbosch, President of Douzelage had the task to select the winning photo.

And….. the winning photo is taken by: Liva Ziedina from Sigulda! The title is: “Together again- Welcome to the Family”. Morten Stricker described her photo as follows: “After two years with Covid-19, where everyone has been alone, looked out their window and missed the socializing with other people, is this a picture showing how we can go out through an open door to the free world, without any social distancing, and the joy of being together again”. Liva will receive € 150,- for her winning photo.

The other entries were:


Zino Vreysen (Altea). “Together again as Skofja Lokals”


Veronika Maresova (Susice). “Wine makes Friends”


Thorsten Wohleser (Judenburg).


Michael Morell (Sherborne). “Capable Cooks”


Majda Jamnik (Skofja Loka). “All Together now”


Julian Preidl (Bad Kötzting). “Happy and Glorious”


Jil Steyer (Niederanven). “Finally together again”


Eva Beniskova (Susice). “Cheers! No more Lockdowns!”


Eero Alla – Heikkila (Asikkala). “A day spent with friends is always a day well spent”


Anabela Gato (Sesimbra). “Finally together again”