Douzelage Photo Contest 2022

Douzelage Photo Contest

Finally together again – use your camera to celebrate

Remember to bring your camera – no matter whether it is your mobile or a professional SLR camera – to Škofja Loka, because we are celebrating, that we can meet and hug again, by re-introducing the Douzelage Photo Contest.

We did have the contest in 2018 in Oxelösund, Sweden, and in 2019 in Asikkala, Finland, but after that – as you all know – corona put a stop to all fun and getting together. In 2021 we met on a small scale in Agros, without youth and education meetings. For that reason no photo contest was organized in that year.

We are now finally able to organize the photo contest again, this time in beautiful Škofja Lokain Slovenia, and thus it is time to reintroduce the competition: The third edition of the Douzelage Photo Contest.
And yes, there is a price. In addition to the honour of being the 2022-winner, you can also win 150 euro.

There is no price for the runner up. Sorry. But the three best photos will be chosen for the next exhibition of Douzelage-photos at the GM in 2023.
The rules are:
1. The Theme is “Škofja Loka/Finally together again”. That means, that the winning photo has to show both friendship and a recognizable spot in Škofja Loka.
2. Each participant can only enter one (1) photo, so that the judges do not have to look through hundreds of photos. The judges are the President and a real-life press photographer.
3. You must send your entry before 12th of September 2022 to The winner will be announced on Friday 30th of September.
4. By entering, you agree to having your photo and name published on the Douzelage website. All photo entries will be shown on the website.
5. There are in principle no restrictions as to what you can do to the photo. You can go for the original, “clean” photo or you can use photoshop or some other enhancement program to manipulate the photo – it is your decision. Your photo needs to be of good to excellent digital quality: at least more than 2MB.