GM Newsletter 1

From May 10th to 13th 2018 the General Meeting of Douzelage will be organised in Oxelösund. Hereunder you find the first Newsletter on the 43rd General Meeting. You can also download the newsletter by clicking on the image below.

1. Delegates
Oxelosund will host two delegates for the General meeting, one delegate for the Education meeting and two delegates for the Youth meeting.

2. Main theme
The main topic of the meeting will be:
Integration in European cities -Twinning for successful integration and democratic engagement
The theme is formulated from the background of a high migration to the municipalities of Douzelage in 2015 and 2016 and that the issue of immigrant integration into European societies has become increasingly important.
The meeting 2018 can be seen as a follow-up, or continuation, of the discussions about Refugees in Europe held in Bad Kötzting 2017.

3. Preparatory work
The work during the meeting may require some preparation. Information and details will follow in Newsletter 2 in February.

4. Workshops
We plan to carry out some of the work in workshops with the main theme Integration in European cities.
Are you interested in leading a workshop? Welcome to report your interest.

5. Transport
Bus transport from Arlanda airport (Stockholm) and Stockholm/Skavsta airport (Nyköping) will be provided.

6. Accommodation
Unfortunately, there is no single hotel in Oxelösund that can accommodate all participants. We will provide accommodation for de GM- and EM-delegates at two hotels; one of them in our neighboring municipality Nyköping the other in Oxelösund. The youth-delegates will probably be accommodated at one of those hotels.

We will provide transport from the different locations to the meetings.

7. Non-delegates
Non-delegates are welcome. They should however be aware of that their accommodation might not be at the same place as the delegates.
We will, of course, provide transport from the different locations to the meetings and other activities.
The costs for non-delegates are estimated € 280. For non-delegates attending the youth meeting the cost are estimated € 140. The exact amount will be posted in due time.

8. Registration
We will need your registration by 15 February.

9. Contact
For all enquiries please contact Niklas Thelin or Catharina Fredriksson
+46 155 381 38
+46 72 212 58 20
+46 155 381 02
+46 70 551 58 88

10. Finally
We are really looking forward to see you all in Oxelösund in May.
More information will be published in the next newsletter in February 2018. Until then we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!