GM Newsletter 1

From Thursday, April 11th until Sunday, April 14th, 2024, the General Meeting of Douzelage will be organised in Sherborne . Hereunder you find the first Newsletter on the 48th General Meeting. You can also download the newsletter by clicking on the image below.

Newsletter No. 1

Sherborne General Meeting
Thursday 11th. – Sunday 14th. April 2024.

“Well-being in Nature and Music”
The forthcoming General Meeting will the fourth in Sherborne and we look forward very much to welcoming you all here once again.

As usual, each of you is asked to bring five delegates, two for the General Meeting, one for the Education Meeting and two youth delegates. As regards the latter, it is essential they be over 18 years old. We would also ask that if possible they bring a musical instrument to play in the ad hoc orchestra that Dr. Rachel Milestone will direct, no matter how unbalanced the ensemble may be!

Non-delegates are also welcome – more information later.

1. Transport
We are able to meet delegates flying to Bristol Airport, a journey of just over an hour. Airlines, in particular Easyjet, have many Bristol flights. If you prefer London, we ask you to travel by train to Sherborne. There is a direct hourly service from Waterloo station, taking 2¼ hours. We will meet you at Sherborne Station.
Flights in April are now available.

2. The Theme of the Conference
This will be Well-being in Nature and Music. There will be appropriate workshops and visits.

3. Projects
This will be an important GM for Sherborne to generate activities after Covid and Brexit. We hope all towns will suggest new Projects, in particular those that do not require EU funding. Please speak to your local groups about exchanges/visits in music, culture, sport, nature, walking, cycling, gardening and everything else. We would like to have your ideas before the Conference convenes so that we can alert relevant group leaders in Sherborne who can then meet you.

Further details in newsletters to follow.

If you have any questions contact Mary – +44(0)1963 251255