GM Newsletter 2

Here you find the second newsletter from Sherborne, you can dowload the pdf by clicking on the image below.



The theme chosen for the GM 2024 is Well-being through Nature and Music. Exploring the natural world and connecting with nature in these challenging times can help our feeling of well-being, give peace of mind and boost our physical and mental health. By stepping into nature we have a greater understanding of the natural world and our place within it. By working together in creating music we can create meaningful connections.

A pre-registration form is attached as Appendix 1 to enable us to determine numbers attending, transport requirements and accommodation. Please complete and return by 20th December 2023.
Full details will be required on the final registration form in the New Year.

Please note that passports are essential to gain entry to the U.K and we urge you to apply well in advance as they can take a length of time to be issued.
We invite five 5 delegates from each town, 2 for the General Meeting, 1 for the Education Meeting and 2 Youth delegates aged over 18 and no more than 25.
NON-DELEGATES Non-delegates are welcome but please contact us if you wish to send Youth Non-delegates. Youth accommodation is limited and we can only accept them if some towns send less than their 2 Youth delegates. The charge for non-delegates will be £340. Payment details will follow.

As we have said, transport will be provided for those delegates arriving at Bristol Airport or Sherborne Railway station. Please indicate on the attached pre-registration form how you intend to travel to the UK.
–  By air to Bristol International Airport (see Appendix 2 for access to the airport website)
–  By air to another UK airport and onward travel by rail
–  By road from your town

The date of the GM in Sherborne has been determined by availability of facilities in the independent schools’ boarding houses. With limited affordable accommodation in the town for the number of people attending, and understanding our financial position with no EU or national sources of funding, this was our first consideration.
Youth delegates and Education delegates will stay at a Sherborne Girls School boarding house for bed and breakfast. We have arranged for the Youth meeting to be held there also.
Male and female youth delegates will have separated sleeping accommodation. Rooms are either single or twin. Education delegates will be on a separate floor in single rooms.
Please note that you are required to bring your own towels.
Accommodation for the General Meeting delegates or any non-delegates has been arranged
–  at a newly modernised Sherborne School boarding house close to the Digby Hall where the General Meeting and Education Meeting will be held.
–  with residents in the town and friends of Douzelage who have offered homestay accommodation in their family home, giving an opportunity to get to know and make friends with local people.
–  at a limited number of hotels and privately owned properties in the town centre. Any additional nights will be at the delegate’s expense.

All lunches and dinners, and breakfast for those staying in Sherborne School, will be provided by the Sherborne School Catering department in their Dining Hall.
If any of those attending have special dietary requirements, would you please indicate on the pre-registration form.

Youth Meeting
Preparatory work on the theme of Well-being through Nature and Music will follow after discussion with the Youth President and our Youth Vice-President. Well-being walks with activities will be included on the Friday afternoon.
We ask that at least one of the youth delegates selected to come is a musician and they bring a musical instrument to join others and form an orchestra, under musical direction, to give a performance. In the event that they play an instrument too large for travel please identify this very soon and we will do our best to locate one here but we cannot guarantee to provide it.
General Meeting
There will be an opportunity for a number of towns to share presentations with us all on how well-being in these difficult times is being promoted in your town.

We are planning a number of excursions on Saturday afternoon, for all delegates to enjoy, to explore Dorset’s Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, visiting sites run by the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) the Dorset Wildlife Trust and the National Trust. Guided well-being walks, giving access to a variety of landscapes and wildlife, including the Jurassic Coast, will showcase a fraction of what Dorset has to offer to support our well-being.
For those who wish to remain in town a programme will be arranged to include a tour of Sherborne, a guided tour of the Abbey and School and, if open, access to the Castle grounds.

To recall the aim of Douzelage since its foundation in 1991: “to share and foster opportunity and friendship across Europe by establishing links between member towns for the mutual benefit of their residents of all ages.”
Given the lack of EU funding opportunity for Sherborne, we ask you all to think of innovative ways to include the people of Sherborne in any proposed projects and request that you send us your ideas to link up with groups in and around our town. We will then contact them and perhaps arrange a brief meeting while you are here to discuss those possibilities.

We look forward to welcoming you all …….


General Enquiries:
Secretary Mary Clothier
Tel: Landline 0044 1963 251255, Mobile 0044 7525 218974

Transport and Accommodation:
Conference Co-ordinator Moira Western
Tel: Landline 0044 1935 815377, Mobile 0044 7870 268615