Project Holstebro October 2017

What: A seminar on the schoolsystem in Denmark, both in regards to non formal learning and extra curriculum activities.
Where: Boarding school in the town of Holstebro. Pupils will share double rooms, teachers will be accommodated in single rooms. The seminar itself will take place in schools in the municipality of Holstebro.
When: From Wednesday October 4th 2017 to Sunday October 8th 2017
Who: 2 Teachers/headmasters and 2 pupils, aged 15-18 from each of the towns in the Baltic-Nordic part of Douzelage or other Douzelage towns.
Deadline registration: AUGUST 15th 2017.
Register by mail to: If more towns are interested, we will have to select the possible number of participants. Registration forms will then be forwarded, asking for detailed information.
Costs: The seminar, accommodation and meals are all provided free of charge. We will furthermore pick you up from airports Billund and Karup, if you choose to fly to one of these airports, also free of charge. The only expense for participants will be the travel costs, and pocket money for shopping or other necessities not included.

More information on the project, such as the program, is given in the document you can download here.