Project: Signposts of conscious professional choices

Douzelage Association in Chojna together with local secondary school, Zespół Szkół Ponadgimnazjalnych in Chojna, coordinates the Erasmus+ project: “Signposts of conscious professional choices”. The project meeting took place in Chojna (Poland) from 24th to 28th June 2019. There were 43 participants from 8 Douzelage towns: Tryavna (Bulgaria), Kőszeg (Hungary), Türi (Estonia), Agros (Cyprus), Marsaskala (Malta), Rokiškis (Lithuania), Holstebro (Denmark) and Chojna (Poland).

On the first day ice breaking games took place for the participants to get to know one another. Later during the day there were presentations about partner countries where each city researched one of the other participating city in the project. Due to the research participants were already introduced to the culture of some of the cities and served as general knowledge while they enjoyed hearing a foreign perspective about their country.

A questionnaire was given to the participants where they had to gather information from peers of the same age group about job related questions. On the second day this information was presented to other countries while comparing the results with others. Later on mixed groups had been given different tasks to follow around Chojna with the help of Polish students which gave the participants the opportunity to discover the town even more. After this a shooting competition took place amongst the participants in the school itself.

On Wednesday another workshop took place were presentations about how to build a business in one’s country were once again shared with the rest, as well as comparing each one. After this, participants were grouped again and were given the task to discuss what businesses are missing from Chojna and what they think the town needs. Later in the evening a surprise visit to Szczecin took place where the participants saw a few historical sites and ending the day with a trip to the shopping centre.

Strengths and weaknesses were discussed on the fourth day as well as a workshop with a career advisor where different mixed groups randomly chose two jobs and had to write abilities and strengths the individual should have and why. After they were once again grouped to write letters to local authorities of the project partners about employment problems amongst young people. This was followed with a discussion on the Erasmus+ programme and opportunities as well as the Youthpass. The participants ended the day with sports activities on the school grounds.

The last day of this project started off with a workshop that focused on personal skills and how one can get a job with an HR specialist. Then project participants had opportunity to meet a Mayor and a Deputy Mayor of Chojna. After this a study visit to a boarder market in Osinów took place and closing off this experience with gala dinner at the Piastowska restaurant in Chojna and handing out the project completion certificates.