Project Rokiškis – WINC

Indo-European origin is our past, European Union is our today and tomorrow. Rokiškis starts the project WINC and invites Douzelage partners to participate. Lithuanian language is one of the most conservative living Indo-European languages in the world, so called a Proto
Indo-European, still spoken by 4 million people. It is a relic of Indo-European roots, where most European nations’ languages (except
Maltese, Finish, Estonian and Hungarian) originated from.
We will never know if common roots have helped today’s Europe grow into such an integrated unit, but we know that 28 nations with different linguistic background agreed to use common language again. WINC project takes a challenge to prove that Europeans can perceive the same message communicated through music, dance, theatre and visual arts, equally to its verbal expression.
Furthermore, it gathers citizens of different nationalities and languages together for great aim – remind and respect common values of past and future Europe.

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