Douzelage News

Köszeg celebrated História Futás on September 6th

One of the few live Douzelage activities took place this Sunday in Kőszeg. As Kőszeg successfully defended its castle, town, and this way also Vienna in 1532 against the Osman army, we have been commemorating this event for many decades. Every first Sunday of September there is a race for many inhabitants and visitors in more categories. The main idea is to involve as many people as possible. Most people are not athletes, so they run only 1532 m. (Some athletes run 7200 m.)

This year – because of the pandemic – it was not advertised abroad, but still there were participants from one of our Douzelage tows: Chojna. 6 students and one teacher (Marek Bednarz) also took part in the race. Micheasz Nojszewski did a good job, and arrived among the top 10 % of the participants. The students take part in an Erasmus+ project, they will stay here for 4 weeks as a traineeship.