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Škofja Loka next stop for Via Douzelage

Via Douzelage, the initiative of Douzelage Meerssen to organise biking tours around every partner town, ended up in Škofja Loka during the General Meeting. They started their 2022 tour in Rovinj, where they were offered a reception at the town hall, and biked several routes in the direct environment of the beautiful Croatian town.

The initiative has earlier brought the bikers to Niederanven, Houffalize, Bad Kötzting, Köszeg, Zvolen and Judenburg.

In Skofja Loka the delegation of Meerssen were led through the beautiful countryside of Slovenia by a peloton of bikers from Niederanven and Škofja Loka. The tour started in the ancient town centre where a group of cyclists on historical bicycles opened the event.

All participants were enthousiastic and enjoyed the beautiful surroundings of Škofja Loka.