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Project “Road to Ukraine”

The Presidency of Douzelage gathered in Siret for a meeting. From there we visited a town called Kamenets in Ukraine, 130 km from Siret, to see and feel what Douzelage can do to help the people there. We were warmly welcomed by the governor of this region, former mayor of Kamenets, Myhailo Simashkevich (Михайло Сімашкевич). Kamenets has more than doubled its number of inhabitants since the war and is trying very hard to deal with this situation.
The people we met were all proud to have visitors from Europe and felt supported; wanted to explain their situation, their initiatives, their obstacles and their joint effort which leads to impressive results.

We can be much more comprehensive about this visit, how it made a huge impression on us to visit a country at war, meet people whose lives have been completely turned upside down, but did not lose their spirit and dedication, but Mette already wrote an impressive article on our visit. I kindly ask all of you to read it, click here.

What does Ukraine need?
One of the most important needs is a way to get from A to B, means of transport. Therefore we would like to launch “Road to Ukraine”. We will try to raise money to buy one or two buses for Kamenets. More information? Click here.

Donations can be transferred to the Douzelage Europe account, indicating ‘Road to Ukraine’.
IBAN: NL02 RABO 0310 4918 78

We sincerely hope that you will support this initiative: the people of the region of Kamenets will be so grateful and be able to help so many Ukrainians that are on the run.