Douzelage News

Second edition of the Douzelage Photo Contest!

It is once again time for the big DOUZELAGE PHOTO CONTEST!
You bring your top-professional camera (or your iPhone 😊) to Finland.
You take a photo, which pictures the theme: Douzelage, Asikkala and sustainability. If the last one (sustainability) is too hard, then it is okay with “nature” instead.
You send your best photo to – at 3rd of June the latest.
The rules of the contest can be found here.
Yes, there IS a prize! In addition to have the honour of being the second winner of a Douzelage Photo Contest, you will also win 150 euro!
We have heard rumors, that vicepresident Miha Jese is planning to make an exhibition of some of the entries of the photo contests in 2018 and 2019, when his town, Skofja Loka, is the next host for GM, EM and YM in 2020. What a treat. HAVE FUN!