Douzelage News

Winner Douzelage Photo Competition 2019!

We are honored to announce the winning photo of the 2nd edition of the Douzelage Photo Competition! The theme was: “Douzelage, Asikkala and Sustainability”. We realize that this is not an easy theme, but we were positively surprised by the inventiveness and creativity of our contesters. There were 17 entries all together. From Bellagio, Tryavna, Judenburg, Asikkala, Niederanven, Sesimbra, Zvolen, Rokiskis, Sherborne, Bundoran, Skofja Loka and Susice. Morten Stricker, Press Photographer of Dagbladet Holstebro and Annigje Kruytbosch, President of Douzelage had the hard task to select the winning photo.
And….. the winning photo is taken by: Veronika Marešová of Susice! 🙂 Morten Stricker described her photo as follows: “It is photographed in ‘the blue hour’, just after sunset and the silhouettes towards the lake seem magical and poetic at the same time. It is beautifully composed and you are drawn into the picture as a good play”.
Veronika will receive € 150,- for her winning photo. All other entries will be displayed in Skofja Loka during the General Meeting.