Douzelage News

Singing and Dancing in Meerssen

From June 19 until June 23, Meerssen was all about music and dance.
Douzelage Meerssen had found their partners from Bad Kötzting (Germany) and Sušice (Czech Republic) willing to send folklore groups to perform in Meerssen. These groups – D’WALDLERBUAM (Bad Kötzting) and LIDO MUSICÁ (Sušice) – arrived together by bus on June 19. The guests stayed with host families throughout Meerssen. The following morning they were welcomed by the board of the municipality of Meerssen and shortly afterwards they were brought to the primary school ‘Triangel’ for their first performances for a large group of very enthusiastic pupils.

Despite occasional showers, performances on the market square and in the shopping center of Meerssen followed on this Thursday June 20 and as a finishing touch the singers and dancers brought some sunshine into the hearts of the residents of the old people’s home “Beukeloord”.

On Friday June 21 and on Saturday June 22 there were performances in various places, but there was also time for sightseeing in Valkenburg and Maastricht, plus a cave tour for the youngsters of the 2 groups.
Through the cooperation with the organizers, the host families and the joint groups, a warm bond developed and this is the ultimate essence of Douzelage!