Douzelage News

Musical Exchange Altea-Sesimbra

At General the Meeting of the Douzelage in October 2021 in Agros (Cyprus) Altea and Sesimbra agreed to organise a musical exchange between:

– Zana Batuta Orchestra of Sesimbra.
– The youth section of the Societat Filharmònica Alteanense

In the first phase of the exchange Sesimbra has welcomed the musicians of the SFA with an extensive programme of activities from 21 to 25 July and the organization of 2 open-air concerts.
A total of 29 young musicians from the SFA took part with their director Guillem Ronda.
They have been accompanied by Juan Carlos Guillem President SFA and Francis Alvado Vice President SFA.
Miguel de la Hoz, Councillor for Education and Douzelage and Jose Luis León Gascón, Councillor for Social Services, attended as representatives of the Altea Town Council.

From 27th to 31st July the second phase of this exchange will be planned.

Altea will receive the visit of 33 musicians from the Zana Batuta Orchestra who will be accompanied by an official delegation from the Sesimbra Town Council arriving in our town on the afternoon of 27 July. The twinning department has organised a programme of activities for them to get to know our town and we will be able to enjoy a joint concert between the two musical groups on Saturday 30 July 2022 at 19.30 h. in the Plaza de Europa, a square dedicated to the Douzelage.

The councillor responsible for education and the Douzelage, Miguel de la Hoz indicates that this exchange will increase the good cultural relations between the two municipalities. He thanked Sesimbra especially to Felicia, Anabela and orquestra Zana Batuta for all the work done during the first phase of the exchange and also thanked the SFA and the participating musicians for their involvement and collaboration in this musical exchange.